Products for cruisers. 


From a technical point of view, the construction of a cruise ship is always an ambitious large-scale project that implements highest standards and requirements. This includes our versatile and long-lasting experience - in the provision of state-of-the-art cruise ships with automatic sliding doors, folding doors and fire protection doors in class A and B. Starting with the development, design and production. 

Every project of ours we implement with the highest quality of technology and design as well as state-of-the-art production processes. 


The environmentally friendly production is always the focus of our attention. It goes without saying, that state-of-the-art computer-based technologies are used throughout the entire process. Only through precision work we can guarantee the highest safety for passengers and crew. And to ensure this safety at all times, our customers can rely on a worldwide service through Nau Steuerungstechnik.

Individually designed for worldwide use.


Automatic sliding doors offer many advantages on cruise ships. In addition to style and functionality, the security aspect is always the focus. Our long-standing know-how makes us your partner for customized, automatic sliding doors for cruise ships. From single, double, to tandem sliding doors, where two moveable wings move in one direction - everything is possible. 

Also double-sided with four moveable wings or double-bar with six moveable wings, allow large opening widths up to over 10 meters. Our sliding doors are available in many possible variations and ready for use on your cruise ship. Whether as a standard version or as a pantograph version, running outside or inside, we have the right solution for individual desires and design specifications. Weatherproof automatic sliding doors with A60 certification open up new possibilities for cruisers.

We are opening up new opportunities for cruisers.


Everything made in Germany. Worldwide, customers benefit from our many years of experience and our cruising crusaders' highest safety combined with sophisticated design. From the first consultation and planning, throughout the production as well as the electrical system and installation, the automatic sliding doors with A60 certification are manufactured at Nau Steuerungstechnik.

This makes it possible for us, to ensure highest quality- and security standards from the outset. Nau Steuerungstechnik is the first door manufacturer worldwide with a 2-leaf automatic sliding door and A60- fire protection sliding door. We produce these with an opening width of up to 3 meters and a height of more than 2 meters. To ensure that your passengers and crew are on the safe side in the future, we also offer you a worldwide reliable after-sales-service – even long after successful production. 


When design and function flow together.


Our extensive product portfolio enables us to always meet the most diverse requirements on cruisers with our folding doors. Custom-made and high-quality, our folding doors are being manufactured in different versions by us. A large selection of locks and fittings also ensure that all doors can be optically integrated into the design of the cruiser.

First class fire protection.


Fire curtains require little space and can be perfectly integrated architecturally. The certified curtains protect different areas from spreading fire by preventing the passage of flames and burnt gas. The fire curtains are tested under a temperature of 945 ° for 60 minutes. Fire protection on sea is particularly demanding. All the better, if you can combine security and first-class design.



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